Deborah Zemke


Deborah Zemke puts words and pictures together in unexpected and lively ways. The author/illustrator of a dozen children’s books, including the popular Doodles at Dinner books and placemats, Deborah brings a serious sense of silliness to her work. She is a frequent contributor of Critter Crackups to Ranger Rick magazine, the designer of the font ITC ZemkeHand, and the illustrator of forty books for children and adults. She lives in Missouri with her husband, daughter, and dog, under the petulant watch of a treeful of squirrels.

Books by Deborah Zemke

Doodlesat Breakfast Cvr Chicken Doodle Soup Title Doodles At Lunch Cover Doodledinner Superfood D4 Doodles Doodles At Every Meal Passdoodle Dis4 C Doodles Edw 1 Alphadoodle Doodle2do Fairy Doodles Cover Lores Sports Doodles Cover Lores Fast Car Doodles Pgs Page 01 Cool Cat Doodles Cvr Lr

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