Tenth Anniversary Art

by Blue Apple Books.

To help celebrate Blue Apple Books' tenth anniversary, we invited our artists to submit original works featuring our Blue Apple logo. We were excited to see the results!

We've been sharing the images individually through our social media, but...

Blue Apple Books: In Translation


From the desk of Creative Director, Elliot Kreloff...

We just received the Chinese versions of two of our Blue Apple books by the brilliant Jessie Hartland -- HOW THE DINOSAUR GOT TO THE MUSEUM and HOW THE SPHINX GOT TO THE MUSEUM.

Photo 2
When I...

Drawing with the Cartoon Dude


Cartoon Dude Blog Graphic

"Cartoon Dude's number one rule is stop asking the question 'Can I?' and to begin asking the question 'How do I?' Dave Miller, the artist of Draw with the Cartoon Dude explains. The one difference between a person who draws and a person who...

Yuki Prefers Pink


Image 3

Meet Posey. She wears pink clothes, has a pink room, rides a pink bike, and prefers pink desserts. Everything in her pink world is just the way she likes itPosey's world is brought to vibrant life by Yukiko Kido, a Japanese artist who recently...

Travels with Clémentine in the Footsteps of Charlie!

by Clémentine.

Charlie Clementine Graphic

Hello, I'm Clémentine. I'm a university student from France who has come to the United States for a few months to work at Blue Apple Books, learn about publishing in the US, and explore. I have found many interesting places in my travels. To help...

Dianne Ochiltree's Firefly Nights


Firefly Graphic

Dianne Ochiltree, author of It's A Firefly Night, recalls the firefly nights of her own childhood in Warren, Ohio. Before bedtime, I would go outside in my nightgown just like the character in the book. My dad would ask me: instead of a bedtime...