Blue Apple Apps win Parent's Choice Awards!

by Blue Apple Books.

We're excited to hear that four of our Blue Apple Apps have won Parent's Choice Awards! Congratulations go out to the app developers, CJ Educations.

App Lineup

Here's what they have to say about the apps:

You and Me: We're Opposites (Recommended Award): 

"CJ Education's adaptation of Harriet Ziefert's text and Ethan Long's illustration is a cheerful playful lesson about opposites. Colorful zoo animals display fourteen pairs of opposites (clean/dirty, big small, fast/slow) as preschoolers swipe and tap their way from screen to screen. Opposite pairings are fun, and have personality traits that word lovers of all ages will appreciate.

Options offered are auto play and read to me. Bonuses include a song and a game that tasks children to match the opposite pairs."


The artist, Ethan Long, recently won the Theodor Geisel Award for his book Up, Tall and High! You can check out the original book You and Me: We're Opposites here and get the app here.

What Color is Bear's Underwear? (Fun Stuff Award):

"What Color is Bear's Underwear? is perfect for any child who happens to be learning his colors and days of the week while finishing potty training. Children search for bear's underwear in a handful of brightly illustrated, simple scenes. They choose the right color, which varies by day, and put the underwear on bear. Usually Bear wears them where they belong, though there are mishaps; Tuesday's blue pair lands on his head.

For young ones just becoming adjusted to 'big kid' underwear, Bear's search for the right pair of underwear makes for a giggle-worthy story time choice. An activity and coloring page reinforce the color-learning lesson."

Bear App

Have a look at the book that inspired the app here, and don't miss the latest in the Bear in Underwear series, Bear in Underwear: Goodnight Underwear. The app is available here.

Matching Puzzle Cards: Colors (Recommended Award):

"Using the bright, engaging art of seasoned children's book illustrator Luana Rinaldo, CJ Educations provides a color learning app for preschoolers. Users can choose to play puzzles, do an activity, or sing along with an upbeat tune as they learn to identify and pair related objects in each of 12 featured colors.

"Colors are featured in 12 two-piece puzzles which the child drags into a frame of matching color. With a successful choice, the puzzle piece clicks into place in lively animation with both spoken and text identification: YELLOW moon and YELLOW sun. An easy tap on a puzzle piece creates an enlargement of the piece, object or text and narrated reiteration of the color and object featured. There is just the right amount of interactive capability with simple, compelling illustration.

"In the activity window, with a willing finger, the child can choose to help a bunny capture labeled colored eggs with no time limit. With each easily captured egg, our bunny blushed in the egg's color. Two-year-olds loved this reinforcement and accompanying sense of accomplishment.

"In the third option, children can sing along with an animated presentation of each featured color. This thoughtful trio (puzzles, song and activity) work together to reinforce learning both the primary focus of color recognition and the 24 words featuring them.

"Narration and music can be turned off, interface was easy for the very young to navigate, and the interactivity humorously rewarded color and word recognition."

Puzzle Cards App

Have a look at the original here, and get the app here.

Broadway Barks (Approved Award):

"Broadway Barks is a storybook app that animal lovers young and old will adore. The app is based on the book by Bernadette Peters about a dog who, after losing his home, is left living in Central Park with no one to care for him. The graphics are well done and the narration (spoken and sung by Peters) is great. Children can watch and listen to the story in autoplay mode, or they can click 'read to me' and make it more interactive. In the read to me version, children control the pace of the story. The app guides them to click on certain things for interactive animations, and there is also a cute game called “Showtime” in which they get to dress the dog up and help him perform in the dog show. The game is simple, but fun. Other features include a longer version of the song that the dog's new owner sings to him, which children can listen to as they watch pictures of the dog and his new friend. The endearing story will encourage young readers to return to it and follow the words on the screen as they are read by Peters or a parent.

Broadway Barks is a touching story that will encourage children to think about stray and shelter animals. It gives families a great opportunity to speak with kids about the importance of helping these animals, and teaches them about a real life charity that finds homes for them. It is an inexpensive, fun, touching and cute app that will make a fantastic addition to your digital library."

Bb App

The original, New York Times best-selling book is on our website here, and the app is on iTunes!

Look for more Blue Apple Apps in the near future!