Pw 10th Logo Press Release

To mark their 10th anniversary, Blue Apple Books founder and publisher Harriet Ziefert, had the idea of an A-to-Z visual celebration of its signature logo.

“Illustrators are central to our culture at Blue Apple Books,” said Harriet Ziefert, publisher of Blue Apple Books, “We choose artists that we believe reflect our identity. We are modern-classic, and always open to new ideas and styles.”

And so, from Arnaud to Zemke, thirty illustrators created their own versions of the Blue Apple logo. The result is a dazzling collection that mirrors the company’s slate of books, a slate of books that captivates the eye, inspires the mind, and reflects the lives of real kids.

Beginning on Thursday, 10/10/13, at 10AM EST an original apple will be revealed every day until 11/8/13. Readers, librarians, booksellers, and educators who follow Blue Apple Books on Facebook or Twitter are invited to guess the name of the artist who created the apple. Whoever is first to guess correctly on either social network will receive a Blue Apple book illustrated by that artist.

To give as many readers as possible a chance to win, previous winners are asked to let others guess for the remainder of the contest. By selecting “Get Notifications” under the “Like” menu on the Blue Apple Books’ Facebook page, followers can be sure they won’t miss any daily releases or surprises!

“The response to our call for illustrated apples is a tribute to Blue Apple’s mission to provide art direction that supports the unique talent of each illustrator,” said Elliot Kreloff, Creative Director of Blue Apple Books, “Every book is a positive expression of our team’s collaboration with the artist and author.”

Blue Apple Books will continue to celebrate their 3,650 days, countless contributions by dozens of talented, dedicated people, hundreds of titles, and hundreds of thousands of readers in the year to come.