Travels with Clémentine in the Footsteps of Charlie!

by Clémentine.

Charlie Clementine Graphic

Hello, I'm Clémentine. I'm a university student from France who has come to the United States for a few months to work at Blue Apple Books, learn about publishing in the US, and explore. I have found many interesting places in my travels. To help celebrate the release of the new "Travels With Charlie" books, I thought I would share some places I have discovered.

New Jersey:

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I began my journey in New Jersey, where I met Charlie in Maplewood, in the amazing offices of Blue Apple Books. Maplewood is a lovely little town with very beautiful houses, which all look the same, and yet different.

New York CIty:

There are several thousand hot dog carts on the streets of New York, and I have enjoyed hot dogs from many of them! Hot dogs are best eating while watching a Yankees game or relaxing in Central Park. I would also recommend the New York cheesecake, having pizza in Little Italy and dinner in a French restaurant (Why not? There are a lot of French people in New York, so also some very good restaurants and bakeries).

Upstate NY:

Niagara Falls State Park is the oldest state park in the United States (1885). There is a boat you can take to go very close to the falls, and when you do you will enter Canada but you don’t need to bring your passport or visa. Nearby you should also check out the Thousand Islands, they are gorgeous. Rumors say that thousand island dressing, which was invented there, is part of McDonald’s’ Big Mac’s secret recipe.

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The Philadelphia Zoo was the first public zoo in the U.S. In Philadelphia you will also find the Liberty Bell, the ruin of George Washington’s house, and trash cans disguised as monsters (or maybe monsters disguised as trash cans…be careful). 

Washington D.C.:

It is obvious than the name “Washington” in Washington D.C. is in honor of the first president of the U.S. But I didn't know that the name “District of Columbia” honors Christopher Columbus. I love books so I was very impressed to see the Library of Congress, the largest library in the world, and the most beautiful I have ever seen.


San Francisco, California, has more than one of the most photographed bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge. I also think it has the nicest people. California has the coolest and most impressive trees, old giant redwoods. Further south, in Los Angeles you can find the most muscular person you have ever seen. You can also meet SpongeBob and Shrek’s donkey at Universal City.


Las Vegas, Nevada, has more hotel rooms than any other place on earth; you will also never find another city where you come (across the desert) just to visit hotels (you can try to gamble, and hopefully you will be luckier than I have been).


The most memorable thing about Arizona was when I saw cactus in nature for the first time. Thousands of cacti, everywhere! Equally memorable was seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time…In Flagstaff, which is a city on route 66, I was brave enough to eat beef jerky (Charlie would appreciate this more than I do).


My final destination will be Boston, Massachusetts. I find this state name funny because it sounds like the French word “chaussettes,” which means socks (Is that why the baseball team is called the Red Sox?)! Harvard is the first university established in the U. S and the most known abroad. When I'm there, I will imagine myself as one of its students.

Finally, I think that Charlie is a lucky dog because he gets to travel all around the country. He must be very happy --

 I've never seen a country where dogs are so loved and pampered!