Yuki Prefers Pink


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Meet Posey. She wears pink clothes, has a pink room, rides a pink bike, and prefers pink desserts. Everything in her pink world is just the way she likes itPosey's world is brought to vibrant life by Yukiko Kido, a Japanese artist who recently returned to Tokyo after living for 10 years in Brooklyn. Yuki defines her artistic style as “kawaii,” an adjective in Japanese meaning charming, lovely, or dear. “My style is mixture of Tokyo and New York. That's because of my background. There is something really attractive about anime and kawaii culture for children, even children from different countries.”

“I have an understanding of kawaii culture in my blood, then I mix it with my adopted culture, New York. I think the meeting of these worlds creates delightful art.”


Posey was inspired by author and publisher Harriet Ziefert's granddaughter. Yuki also sees herself in Posey, who has a passion for pink and always makes her opinion known. “Her facial expressions and attitude were all inspired by my childhood stories. I believe I was a bit nicer, but Posey always reminds me of when my mom talks about me as a child."


Luckily, Yuki also loves the color pink (though perhaps not quite as much as Posey). “It is interesting to think about the different uses of one color. It was difficult to create a feeling of depth using just one, especially in Posey's room, which of course is all pink!”

Yuki's solution was to create a color palette with all the ranges of pink she could find. “I used them all!”

The key to Yuki's artistic process? “Patience! First, I do a quick sketch in pencil, jut giving shapes to my imagination. These are very rough, but the first thing that comes to my mind is always strong. Next, I re-draw it with thick black pen. Composition and elements must be fixed at this point. Then, I scan the drawing and trace it in Illustrator, and finally add color.”


“I love to draw Posey's favorite things, such as food, clothes, stuffed animals, or furniture. She is surrounded by all the things she loves. I longed for such a life when I was little!”

Yuki has a child of her own, who is just as spirited as Posey. “My two-year-old son acts exactly like Posey when she throws away her red pajamas. He knows what he likes, just like she does.”

But Yuki knows what to do if he ever becomes too picky about his preferences. "Give a time out -- just like Posey's parents."

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