Publisher's Letter: Blue Apple Apps

by Harriet.
Green With Tongue Fish

For the past five years, I have been asked over and over again: 

Do you have content available for e-books and/or apps? 

And my usual answer was: 

I have contentlots of itbut its not available. 

I did, however, provide...

The Radically Awesome Adventures of Pranas Naujokaitis



The comic is king. From Iron Man 3 blowing up at the box office to Peanuts' 65th birthday, we're celebrating this one-of-a-kind medium all summer. Blue Apple's comic Pranas Naujokaitis, artist of Balloon Toons and Dinosaurs in Space, told us...

Backstage With Jenni Desmond


Backstage Cat Jkt New

Blue Apple was very excited to go behind the scenes and interview Jenni Desmond, our artist for Backstage Cat. Here's our Q&A with the woman behind the artwork!

Q: Backstage Cat shows that it is just as interesting behind the scenes as...

Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Underwear

by Harriet.
Goodnight Underwear

I just read that the theme of Jenna Bush Hager's baby shower was children's books.  And, of course, she received at least one copy of Goodnight Moon.

My sons, now in their forties, began their reading lives with Goodnight Moon. I read the...

iDoodle: Travis Foster Shows Us His World of Doodling


Travisfoster Graphic1

One of Pixar's most beloved mottos is, It's not a real meeting unless someone is doodling.

Travis Foster agrees. As the artist behind Blue Apple's I Can Doodle Rhymes and the upcoming I Can Doodle Dots, Foster knows a thing or two about letting a...

Dino-mite! Alphasaurs' Creators Talk T-Rex and Typography


Dino Mite

Dinosaurs may be extinct from our planet, but they are alive and well in our imaginations. Ask any child. They'll tell you about Earth's real-life dragons in astonishing detail. Dinosaurs, nature's own special effects, still leave us with a sense...

Blue Apple's Core: A Free-Wheeling Work Space


Blue Apple Core

When publisher Harriet Ziefert first told the group at Blue Apple that we would be moving our office to a bigger space, the response was, Please, no cubicles!

Harriet agreed and took it a step further. Blue Apple's team works in a large, open...