Pulling Back the Curtain: Designing Children's Movies


Pulling Back Title2

This Oscar season, were taking a look at the great design that brought our favorite stories from the page to the screen. In Oz, the Wizard implores us to pay no attention to what lies beyond the curtain but when we draw it back, we...

On My List

by Cecile.


I am thinking about how one of the things that digital technology has maybe somewhat taken us away from is making lists. Its almost startling for me to see my own handwriting these days and I certainly cant write by hand as quickly as I...

just right and just enough

by Cecile.

Word-nerd that I am, you might think that I'd be a good Scrabbler--or even a great Scrabbler (Is that a real word? I may have to take off my tiles).  But alas, I am not. And it has been explained to me that the reason I never win this game is...

Working with Simms Taback

by Elliot.

I first met Simms at the Blue Apple offices about six years ago. I discovered his artwork for the first time when I was a student at the High School of Music and Art when I saw the first edition of WHERE'S MY HOUSE? I then tried to find as much of...

hear, hear!

by Cecile.

Im always looking for voices; its an editor-thing.

I had some peripheral involvement in the development of the late Simms Tabacks most recent books for Blue Apple--List-o-mania and Dinosaurs. But I never worked directly with him, developing a...

Remembering Simms Taback

by Harriet.

It’s hard to be a mensch. It’s not easy to be modest. Nor it is easy to be generous in appreciating the work of others. Simms Taback was all three.