Go Back to Sleep

by Sylvie Jones , illustrated by Pascale Constantin

Go T Osleep



After carefully tucking all his toys into their beds, Harry falls asleep. All of a sudden...BAAA! SQUEAK! MEOW! All of his toys are wide awake and ready to play. What is Harry to do? The secret life of toys excites every child's imagination. Go Back to Sleep is the luminous and utterly charming Blue Apple debut of illustrator Pascale Constantin. This fanciful bedtime story of a child becoming parent to his toys is sure to be a favorite.

About The Author/Artist

Sylvie Jones has been writing rhymes since the third grade, when she was given an assignment to write a limerick about her favorite animal. "There Once Was a Ring-tailed Lemur" became an instant hit, and she has been creating rhymes ever since. Sylvie lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and her five-year-old son.

Pascale Constantin has enjoyed creating art from the moment she realized that she could create better illustrations than the ones she found in her schoolbooks. She spent several years making sculptures for the TV and film industry before turning to illustration. She has illustrated children's books in both Canada and the United States. She now lives and works in Montreal.


Jacketed hardcover. Ages 4-8.


USA 15.95 | Canada 17.95

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