Balloon Toons: The Totally Awesome Epic Quest of the Brave Boy Knight

by Pranas T. Naujokaitis

Boy Knight



With simple text and cartoon artwork, Balloon Toons are the the perfect way to engage and encourage new readers. Award-winning and up-and-coming cartoonists lend their inimitable and illustrative talents to entertaining stories kids will enjoy again and again.

A young boy and his best buddy Butterscotch search for hidden treasure, save the city from an angry monster, and patrol a kingdom. Amazing adventures ensue as brave boy knight saves the day!

Editorial Review

Kirkus Reviews:

A girl with strange powers and a subversive sense of humor bedevils the epic adventures of a young knight-aspirant and his Bigfoot sidekick.

He might be wearing a colander on his head, but this contemporary boy-knight is aching for action, some real knightly questing. With the appearance of the Animal Princess, his wish seems to be on the verge of coming true: She has a "totally epic quest for two knights" to dispense. The boy and his friend, who resembles Sasquatch, are game. There follows three quick adventures that may find some echoes for older readers—the lion and the mouse, the grail quest—which all end with the princess pulling the rug out from under the knight. The tales are loopily involving, allowing both the boy and the girl to play big parts, with humor that comes in broad strokes that Naujokaitis vividly paints on the faces of the actors. The panels in general have an appealingly heightened sense of emotion, with terrific facial expressions and an unassuming sophistication in coloration, though both the text and the graphics remain true to a focus on fundamentals.

The kind of big-hearted fun that may lose its element of surprise, but not its power to please young readers. (Graphic picture book. 6-9)

About The Author/Artist

Pranas T. Naujokaitis is a cartoonist who currently hails from Savannah, GA and is the founder of Ghost Car Press, which publishes mini-comics that focus on quality, craft and innovative packaging. He has a degree in Sequential Art from the Savannah College of Art and Design.


For ages 6-9. Hardcover. Also available in paperback for $4.99 USA | $5.99 CAN (ISBN 978-1-60905-183-9).


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