Blast Off With Doodle Tom

by Elise Gravel

Doodle Tom 1



Take one little pencil for drawing... add one giant book of space-tacular doodle for kids... and blast off into an activity book that boldly goes where no pencil has gone before!

An innovative combination of art-meets-space-stuff will make this fact-and-fun-packed book stand out in the robust doodle book market. Size, ease of use, space-tastic content and a dash of creative goofiness make for a uniquely exciting draw-and discover experience.

Do nebulae look like glow-in-the-dark pizzas? What kind of aliens are sunbathing on Mercury? Come draw every comet and corner of a universe that's simply out of this world!

About The Author/Artist

Elise Gravel is wildly imaginative creator of Let's Draw and Doodle Together, which quickly achieved multiple printings, and the app Doodle Jump, which has achieved a near-AngryBirds popularity. Artwork and outer space are two of her abiding interests, and she is delighted to be able to blend them together for kids. Elise has written another doodle activity book, as well as two well-received titles for Blue Apple's Balloon Toons series. She also has several titles on upcoming lists.


Activity book, includes 4 pages of stickers. Ages 6 and up.


USA 12.99 | Canada 15.99

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