Boat Works: A Giant Fold-Out Book

by Tom Slaughter




With a ship-shape format perfect for exploring boats that float, sail, tug, house, and transport, this latest addition to the acclaimed Giant Fold-Out Book series offers an engaging, hands-on guessing game. Kids can read simple clues, unfold pages and—ta da!—who knew there was an entire ocean liner hidden under there? After kids gain a grasp of the characteristics and functions of six kinds of boats, a rock-the-harbor fold-out offers a rewarding finale.

Editorial Review

THE HORN BOOK (reviewed with Simms Taback's Dinosaurs )

These two guessing game books use the successful format from Taback’s earlier titles Safari Animals and City Animals. Well-designed, the nine-inch-square books with board pages have the same structure, starting on the left with a question. Dinosaurs asks, “Who am I?” and provides a clue on the right-hand page: “I have short legs and a thick tail.” The page then folds out to reveal another piece of the picture and a second clue: “I have three horns—two large and one small.” The final fold reveals the answer in a gloriously large seventeen-inch square: “I’m a TRICERATOPS!” Dinosaurs explores six different dinos, while Boat Works looks at five kinds of boats and closes with a tricky finish—the harbor. The books are done in the illustrators’ respective styles: Boat Works is bright and geometric, while Dinosaurs features Taback’s characteristic naive art with thick black lines. Bold and vibrant for sharing with a group but sturdy for small hands, these two make welcome additions to the realm of interactive books.

About The Author/Artist

Tom Slaughter is the illustrator of several books for children. In addition to his work as a book illustrator, he has also designed posters, playbills, watches, and T-shirts. Tom's artwork has been shown in solo exhibitions around the world. He has worked in collaboration with Durham Press, and his prints are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He lives New York City.


Unjacketed hardcover with gatefolds. Ages 3-5.


USA 13.99 | Canada 15.99

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