Broadway Barks

by Bernadette Peters , illustrated by Liz Murphy




In a park in New York City lives a lonely little dog. He remembers when he used to get taken for walks, fed dinner every night, and told he was a good dog. Now, he's all alone and must fend for himself. But everything changes one day when he sees a lady reading in the park and decides to follow her—all the way to a place where he might become a star!

With a story by actress Bernadette Peters and mixed-media collage illustrations by Liz Murphy, Broadway Barks is a warm and appealing story of loss, reunion, and nurturing, complete with a happy ending.

This beautiful package includes a jacket with foil touches as well as an exclusive CD featuring a reading of the story and an original song written and sung by Bernadette Peters.

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Our Broadway Barks app tells the original tale, with some added fun & games! Parent's Choice gave it an Approved award and said of it:

"Broadway Barks is a storybook app that animal lovers young and old will adore. The app is based on the book by Bernadette Peters about a dog who, after losing his home, is left living in Central Park with no one to care for him. The graphics are well done and the narration (spoken and sung by Peters) is great. Children can watch and listen to the story in autoplay mode, or they can click 'read to me' and make it more interactive. In the read to me version, children control the pace of the story. The app guides them to click on certain things for interactive animations, and there is also a cute game called “Showtime” in which they get to dress the dog up and help him perform in the dog show. The game is simple, but fun. Other features include a longer version of the song that the dog's new owner sings to him, which children can listen to as they watch pictures of the dog and his new friend. The endearing story will encourage young readers to return to it and follow the words on the screen as they are read by Peters or a parent.

Broadway Barks is a touching story that will encourage children to think about stray and shelter animals. It gives families a great opportunity to speak with kids about the importance of helping these animals, and teaches them about a real life charity that finds homes for them. It is an inexpensive, fun, touching and cute app that will make a fantastic addition to your digital library."

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About The Author/Artist

Bernadette Peters has had a dazzling stage career on Broadway and in theaters and concert halls around the world. She is cofounder, with Mary Tyler Moore, of Broadway Barks, an annual star-studded animal adoption event benefiting animal shelters throughout the New York City area. Her passion for animals and her work on behalf of the organization are the inspiration behind this book.

Liz Murphy was born in England and currently lives with her family in Montclair, New Jersey. She is a graduate of the Kingston Art College, where she majored in graphic design, and the creator of two previous Blue Apple picture books, ABC Doctor and A Dictionary of Dance.


Jacketed hardcover. Ages 4-8.


USA 17.95 | Canada 20.5

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