Count and Color: Fly

by Nicola O'Byrne

Count And Color Fly



Animals under the sea and up in the air fly and swim on the pages of these not-your-average coloring books. Young artists will have a splash coloring in beautiful block prints of an amazing array of sea creatures and airborne animals - and will strengthen counting skills, learn a little about printmaking, and pick up a few fancy collective nouns, to boot - e.g., Is that a "tangle" of octopuses? A "parliament" of owls? How many dolphins are in a "pod"? Kids can count and color them all! These ideal quiet- or travel-time activity books provide absorbing, portable play for waiting rooms, plane rides, car trips, or restaurants (here's something fun to do while the grown-ups are finishing their coffee). There are high-flying, swim-tastic discoveries on every page!

Editorial Review

Publishers Weekly:

Counting, coloring, and collective nouns go hand in hand in a coloring book that features striking linoleum prints of 12 flying animals, including butterflies, flamingoes, bats, and sugar gliders. O'Byrne creates her own unorthodox pattern, with pages alternately showing one and then two of each animal, followed by a group of the creatures for readers to count ("How many in this circus of puffins?"). The portraits of the single animals are brilliantly colored and complete; readers are invited to break out their crayons for the subsequent pages, which also show large numerals and the animals' names. A clever and multifaceted concept book that connects diverse species through a shared characteristic. Available simultaneously: Count and Color: Swim.

About The Author/Artist

Nicola O'Byrne was born in Swaziland and has since lived in Papua New Guinea, Singapore, and Kenya. She studied illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art and has recently earned a master's degree in printmaking from Camberwell College, University of the Arts.


Ages: 3-6


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