Dinosaurs: A Giant Fold-Out Book

by Simms Taback

Giant Dino



Uses the same signature format and style as the series' previous titles. The question "Who am I?" and a linked written clue invites kids to lift the first portion of the folded page to reveal another clue and more of the animal, and then a final fold-out shows the whole dino. The featured dinosaurs are: quetzalcoatlus, diplodocus, stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, ankylosaurus, triceratops.

Original Art

Editorial Review

The New York Times

Taback, who won a Caldecott Medal for “Joseph Had a Little Overcoat,” and a New York Times Best Illustrated award for “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly,” died last year, which makes this new foldout board book one of the last books he worked on. Here, large type and oversize foldouts create an excellent introduction for the youngest paleontologist. Each dinosaur is described by a few characteristic traits, clearly reflected in the unfolding artwork. Taback’s trademark hand-drawn lines create easily recognizable, vibrant creatures that will elicit appreciative oohs and aahs.


From the late, great Taback, a half-dozen burly dinos on sturdy foldout squares.

The latest—though evidently not the last, despite the author’s passing at the end of 2011—in a series of animal board books follows its predecessors in hiding each creature behind successive foldouts with clues in large letters: “Who am I? / I have a long tail… / and a long neck. / I’m a BRACHIOSAURUS!” Ultimately unfolding to four times its trim size, each portrait poses a spotted, brightly colored, simply drawn and appropriately monumental-looking dinosaur in a minimally detailed setting backed with strongly contrasting color fields. The polysyllabic punchlines make the guessing game even more fun.

All of the dinos, even T. Rex, sport friendly smiles that will undoubtedly be mirrored on the faces of any toddler in visual range.

THE HORN BOOK (reviewed with Boat Works )

These two guessing game books use the successful format from Taback’s earlier titles Safari Animals and City Animals. Well-designed, the nine-inch-square books with board pages have the same structure, starting on the left with a question. Dinosaurs asks, “Who am I?” and provides a clue on the right-hand page: “I have short legs and a thick tail.” The page then folds out to reveal another piece of the picture and a second clue: “I have three horns—two large and one small.” The final fold reveals the answer in a gloriously large seventeen-inch square: “I’m a TRICERATOPS!” Dinosaurs explores six different dinos, while Boat Works looks at five kinds of boats and closes with a tricky finish—the harbor. The books are done in the illustrators’ respective styles: Boat Works is bright and geometric, while Dinosaurs features Taback’s characteristic naive art with thick black lines. Bold and vibrant for sharing with a group but sturdy for small hands, these two make welcome additions to the realm of interactive books.

About The Author/Artist

Simms Taback has won both a Caldecott Medal and Caldecott Honor Award. Per the Horn Book, Mr. Taback's art "sings with color and movement and humor and personality." Both the text and illustrations he has created for this series of books amply demonstrates these signature qualities. The author lives in Ventura, CA.


Unjacketed hardcover with gatefolds. Ages 3-5.


USA 13.99 | Canada 15.99

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