Draw Patterns With Barroux

by Barroux

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Barroux's crackling-with-creativity activity book offers a hands-on way to recognize, copy, and create patterns. Kids will be firing on all cylinders as they fill in simple patterns like colored dots, then progress to more complicated and silly-smart patterns such as stripes - on a fox! Is pattern recognition an important developmental skill that contributes to mathematical cognition and problem-solving? It is! But it is much more fun to absorb when drawing an argyle-patterned scarf on a spotted giraffe, or a tangle of swirly snakes! Barroux supplies just the right amount of instruction and creative freedom for beginning artists, and kids who just want to see how a triangle, a curl, and a circle can become - hey, a mouse!

Editorial Review

Publishers Weekly:

Barroux explores patterns and repetition, and this coloring book's primary-color palette, loose watercolor style, and abundant white space provide an open canvas for doodling and experimentation. Dots, stripes, and shapes like triangles and rectangles are featured (and repeated) throughout: children can use spirals to make curly pigs' tails or curly hair on a child's head; short dashes can put fur on an animal, make water drip from a watering can, and signal light emanating from a dozen light bulbs that fill a spread. The repetition of basic shapes and patterns smartly emphasizes how familiar shapes can be used in several ways with very different results.

About The Author/Artist

Barroux lives in Paris, France, but often zigzags across the ocean to Brooklyn and New Jersey.


Age: 4-8


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