Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity

by Jenni Desmond

Eric Fcover



We've all seen kids who kick and scream and lose their cool. But when Eric loses his temper over his annoying little sister Alice, he floats up to the ceiling! And so we have a fresh and funny twist on temper tantrums created by star-on-the-rise Jenni Desmond.

Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity, with an amusing story and expressive painterly art, captures a spot-on understanding of how children feel when they get out of control and how they need help to pull themselves together - or, as in Eric's case, back to the ground. There will always be annoying brothers and sisters and things one wants, but can't have. This book gives children and parents an entertaining way to gain perspective and talk about these issues. For all of them, Eric offers a wise, witty, and uplifting tale that kids won't want to put down!

About The Author/Artist

Jenni Desmond is a graduate of the Cambridge School of Art. She lives in London, England. Visit her website at


Jacketed hardcover

40 pages

Ages: 5-8 years


USA 17.99 | Canada 20.99

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