FastCar Doodles Placemats

by Deborah Zemke

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Fast cars are on the track and on the table!

Each car-themed placemat leads kids through a step-by-step creation of a classic, fast-and furious, or crazy-cool car. Kids who might think they can’t draw can get to the finish line when all they have to do is start with one simple line, a curve, or a circle.

There are also fast car facts. Tires on a monster truck are taller than most ten-year-olds! Airfoil wings on a Formula One racer help keep it on the ground! For theme or birthday parties, or just as a nice surprise, every page is ready, set…DOODLE!

Series Description
These placemats are useful–and cool! Mixing fun with smart, these cleverly conceived doodles sharpen kids’ skills and creativity, and empower both boys and girls to draw things in which they have a strong interest. With dozens of themes—sports, food, animals, numbers, fairies, letters, etc.—and related trivia, there are mats for every kids, and kids for every mat!

About The Author/Artist

Deborah Zemke: Deborah Zemke is the creator and/or illustrator of over 40 children's books, including the hugely successful Doodles at Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner placemats, and D is for Doodle, and 2 is for Toucan. Visit her on the web at



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