Goodnight Underwear

by Todd H. Doodler

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Once upon a time there was a Bear who found a forest clearing where... there were seven mats to serve as beds, for seven friends to rest their heads. An outdoor sleepover with treats and songs! Such a beautiful night! What could possibly go wrong? It's all good, goofy fun for the ever-popular Bear-in-Underwear gang in this un-classic homage to the ultimate classic goodnight book. And when Bear says goodnight to everything and everyone, guess what he saves his last goodnight for? His beloved tighty-whities, of course! This perfect giggling-before-bedtime book will have kids falling asleep with smiles on their faces - and dreaming silly dreams!

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School Library Journal

In this story in rhyme, Bear in Underwear and his six animal friends decide to sleep around the campfire. When all are tucked in tight under the stars, a quiet night of sleep is expected. What could possibly go wrong? The goofy fun begins as the unexpected sounds of an owl’s “whoo-whoo-whoo” and a dove’s “coo-coo-coo” rile up the sleepy campers. Mice run by and mosquitoes buzz, while lumps appear under the bear’s sleeping bag and frogs spring up in it. Then, the seven would-be sleepyheads have a bad case of the itches and twitches. When it starts to thunder and rain, the outing becomes a washout, and they all scurry into a cabin. After saying goodnight to everything and everyone, the last goodnight is saved for the friends’ tighty-whities. The final spread features Bear asleep while a bright, happy moon (wearing undies, of course) gazes down upon him. Children will fall asleep with smiles on their faces from this silly bedtime story. Bear and his friends are illustrated as simple, colorful critters with oversize eyes. Readers can touch a pair of puffy underwear worn by Bear, which is embedded on the front cover. This type of interactivity is best for personal use rather than in a school or public-library setting.

About The Author/Artist

Todd H. Doodler is a well-known pop artist and the creator of the best-selling Bear in Underwear books. Bear in Underwear will soon be seen sporting team-specific boxers and briefs as a plush souvenir on sale at major league ballparks.


Ages: 4+


USA 12.99 | Canada 15.99

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