Jump-Into-Chapters: The Boulder Brothers: Meet Mo and Jo

by Sarah Lynn , illustrated by Pierre Collet-Derby

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Book Description

Mo and Jo Don't Stink!

Mo and Jo are fun-loving cavemen whose antics will surely delight kids, especially boys. Follow them as they attempt to de-stink themselves, play hide-and-seek, and make fire. The latest title in Blue Apple's Jump-Into-Chapters series, this book is designed to increase reading proficiency by offering a longer page count than picture books, but a lower word count than chapter books.

Mo and Jo, aka the Boulder Brothers, join JUMP-INTO-CHAPTERS with a series of pre-hysterical escapades. In the first chapter, Me Stink?, something’s smelly! Is it Jo? Is it Mo? Is it both? Though kids will know who’s the real odor-offender, they’ll have fun watching the caveboys try to figure out the source of the stench.

Hide and Peek, Chapter 2, has Jo teaching Mo how to play his favorite game. But does Mo really not understand the rules? Or is he a peek-and-cheater? And who will have the best ideas for warming up in Me Cold!? Will a prehistoric beastie mind when they try to borrow some fur?

Though Mo and Jo both speak caveman-ese, educators can be assured that the accompanying narration will offer kids a correct rendition of grammar and sentence structure.

But don’t be surprised to hear Boulder Brothers’ fans declare, “Me want more MO AND JO!”

Series Description 

Harriet Ziefert, Blue Apple’s publisher and founder, was among the pioneers in creating early readers that help kids transition out of being read to and into becoming independent readers. A crucial step in this process is to offer books with more pages and more plot, while retaining a spare word count and text style.

Enter Jump-Into-Chapters, a new series of readers created to fill the gap between picture books and text-heavy chapter books. The first three books in the series have anywhere from 72 to 96 pages, but very few words per page. In short, the page count is longer WITHOUT piling on the words.

These books are designed to fill an important gap in reading materials. It’s important to have books that challenge the new reader to remember what happened more than 80 pages after he/she began. Best of all, each of the books features fresh-and-funny, character-driven stories. Kids will feel like they’ve made some great new friends who reflect their lives and feelings, book after book.

About The Author/Artist

Sarah Lynn: Sarah Lynn was born in Hollywood and now lives in Camarillo, CA, with her husband and three sons. As a clinical social worker, she provides mental health services within the Ventura County schools. She also has a small private practice in Thousand Oaks. Sarah writes under her first and middle name, because it’s just so mysterious and fun!

Pierre Collet-Derby: Pierre Collet-Derby is a Montreal-based animation artist and children's book illustrator.



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