Learn-A-Language Flash Cards: Animals

by Huy Voun Lee

Language Flash Cards



See it! Say it! Make a connection! Kids are best-suited to acquire multiple languages between infancy and five years of age, and interactive play with a parent is the method early childhood development experts recommend. This set of cleverly conceived flash cards features English, French, Spanish, and Chinese and an out-load activity that creates language connections through play. Language flash cards also help kids develop object and color identification, counting, motor, and reading skills. These beautifully illustrated cards make a striking and substantive gift and offer many ways for kids of various ages and proficiencies to play with and use them. Game suggestions, including concentration and matching, are described. Is that a tortuga, tortue, or turtle? Si, oui, and yes!

About The Author/Artist

Born in Cambodia, Huy Voun Lee arrived at her present home in New York City at age six. Her amazing cut-paper illustrations have been featured in a range of picture books, receiving praise from "fill[ing] the pages with color and movement" (School Library Journal, starred review). She is also adept at origami and has created many children's art projects. Ms. Voun Lee lives in New York City.


Ages: 4+


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