Lines That Wiggle

by Candace Whitman , illustrated by Steve Wilson




Follow the glittery line that runs through this picture book and turns itself into all kinds of things: the waves above an octopus, the veins in a leaf, the wrappings curling around a mummy, and the trapping threads of a spiderweb. Candace Whitman's catchy rhyming text is brought to life by a host of creepy critters from first-time illustrator Steve Wilson.

About The Author/Artist

A native of Long Island, New York, Candace Whitman studied art history at Yale and went on to earn a masters in art education at New York University. She became interested in children's books while teaching art to kids. The idea for Lines that Wiggle came from a lesson plan for her students! Candace continues to write and do art while serving as the pastor of a church in New England.

When Steve Wilson was a little kid he found real Bigfoot tracks and crop circles. It's true! Since then he has been drawing weird things like UFOs, mythological monsters, aliens, ghosts, animals, cars, superheroes, clouds, and boats. He also works in TV animation design. He lives in Toronto, Canada.


Unjacketed hardcover. Ages 4-8.


USA 14.99 | Canada 16.99

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