Monster, Be Good!

by Natalie Marshall

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This charming concept book puts the child-reader "in charge" of an assortment of unruly little monsters (stand-ins for their real-life counterparts) who are wild, noisy, hungry, scary, selfish, and grump. Sound familiar? The emphasis is on helping the monsters figure out how to change behaviors so that they can become happier, more more well-behaved kids. . . er, make that monsters. Promoting self-recognition of certain behaviors and the responses they elicit, it's an ideal book for young kids to share with a grown-up, who was probably once a little monster, too. And when a formerly grumpy-and-crabby monster turns into a good monster and asks nicely for a goodnight kiss, give one. Smoooch! And enjoy the rest of the evening!

Editorial Review

School Library Journal

It’s readers’ turn to be “in charge” of a group of grumpy, wild, and noisy little monsters. The first page reads, “If you tell them how to behave, they will listen.” The following pages give tips for how to make these creatures be good if they are hungry, selfish, mean, messy, tired, and more. For example, “If a monster is hungry, give it a fork and a spoon and say, ‘Chew Your Food!’” The book concludes with kissing the monster and saying, “Good Night.” The text promotes manners and how to change negative behaviors. These lessons mirror child behaviors and the responses an adult would give. The simple text and kid-friendly illustrations in vibrant colors make this a great read-aloud.

About The Author/Artist

Natalie Marshall graduated with an honors degree in graphic design and went on to work as a corporate designer in London and New York. She then returned to her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, where she illustrates children's books and designs a range of products under her own Little Red Owl label. Learn more at


Ages: 3-6

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