SAMi Flip+Find: Colors Shapes

by SAMi

Sa Mi Colorshapes Cvr Lores



Colors And Shapes presents a mix of concepts that has inspired reviewers to laud the entire SAMi line for the “extra layer of learning” that the books provide.
See the green triangle glimpsed through a die-cut shape:

Flip + Find
Green triangles that grow—
Ever green
In the cold white snow.

With a little rhyme, a lot of clever die cuts, and gatefolds to turn, eight shapes and eight colors are explored and revealed.
With a modern, eye-catching look that elevates what books for babies can be, the SAMi style is also deliberately crafted to offer colors and compositions that will capture the focus of kids at specific stages of development.

About The Author/Artist

SAMi is a mysterious artist/world traveler whose current sources of inspiration include Fire Island and an adorable dog named for a breath mint.


Ages: 3-7 years


USA 12.99 | Canada 15.99

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