Sports Doodles

by Deborah Zemke

Sports Doodles Cover Lores



Attention sports fans, Sports Doodles is on deck and on the table!
Each sports-themed placemat features numbers that kids can turn into a doodle—of an athlete, sports equipment, etc. There’s also cool trivia tied to that number.
Turn a zero into a baseball, and learn how pitchers throw fastballs—which have been clocked at 100 miles per hour!
Pack this one up to go for a slam-dunk, home run!
Perfect for fairy- or sports-themed birthday parties, or to give as a reward, thank-you gift, or just a nice little mealtime surprise for a resident fairy or sports fan! These placemats are easy to pack-and-go (to restaurants, etc.) and easy on the pocketbook!
Mixing fun with smart, these cleverly-conceived doodles sharpen kids’ skills, knowledge, and creativity, and empower both girls and boys to draw things in which they have a strong interest.
Blue Apple’s color-and-learn doodle placemats offer dozens of doodle activities featuring different themes (food, animals, letters, numbers, sports, etc.) and related trivia. There are mats for every kid and kids for every mat—we kid you not!

About The Author/Artist

Deborah Zemke, hailed as the “doodle dynamo,” is the creator and/or illustrator of over 40 children’s books and products, including the hugely successful Doodles at Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner placemats, D is for Doodles and 2 is for Toucan.
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Ages: 6 and up


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