The Banana Bunch and The Birthday Party

by Harriet Ziefert , illustrated by Fred Blunt

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No capes or superpowers, nothing supernatural - just all the everyday-wonderful, so called ordinary stuff of growing up. This is what kids will find in the adventures of six kids and one dog, who are the Banana Bunch.

First up, the bunch is arguing over changes to their clubhouse. But they all agree on one thing: throwing a Birthday Party for Scruffy, their favorite poochy-pal, is a great idea! All the familiar fun and foibles of party planning are given a Banana Bunch spin as they get together presents, treats, and a baseball game.

Next, there are picnics, games of SPUD and hide-and-go-seek, and a race to catch up with the ice cream truck! But when the bunch fattening up - presto! - it's time for The Magic Show. they gather props, practice card and coin tricks, and perfect their mind-reading skills. But can they really make Scruffy vanish into thin air?

Common Core Correlation

  • Characters' response to challenges
  • Differences in characters' POV
  • Characters' actions contributing to sequence of events
  • Chapter breaks describing story progression

(Grades 2-3 Literature)

About The Author/Artist

Harriet Ziefert is a reading and language arts curriculum specialist, as well as an acclaimed author and publisher. If she were a member of the Banana Bunch, she'd likely be the club's secretary, or president, or both.

Fred Blunt is doing what he always wanted to do - make great, silly drawings for kids! Mr. Blunt lives with his wife and their two young children in Swindon, Wiltshire, UK. Visit his website at:


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