Think About: Does a Woodpecker Use a Hammer?

by Harriet Ziefert , illustrated by Emily Bolam

Does A Woodpecker Hc Case



This brand new title in the Think About series explores and explains that while some animals do indeed use tools, only people have developed implements that make it possible to do things that their bodies cannot.

A funny, kid-like question - "Does a woodpecker use a hammer?" - is paired with a silly scenario (a woodpecker in a tool belt), and a few facts about how some animals use parts of their bodies as tools. Animals that might use a stick, or rock, as a tool lead to an exploration of how people create tools to solve problems and accomplish tasks.

About The Author/Artist

Harriet Ziefert has partnered with a dazzling variety of illustrators to create smart and visually-striking, learning-while-playing books for kids. She has a master's degree in teaching and has created acclaimed early reading programs for several publishers.

Emily Bolam studied illustration at the Brighton College of Art and has illustrated a hundred books for children. She continues to live and work in Brighton, UK.


Unjacketed hardcover

32 pages

Ages: 3-6 years

Common Core Correlation

  • Describe Connections (Gr. K-1)
  • Identify Main Topic (Gr. K-1)
  • Retell Key Ideas from Text (Gr. K-1)
  • Author Supports Points (Gr. K-1)


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