What’s New at the Zoo?

by Adolph Green and Betty Comden , illustrated by Travis Foster

What New Zoo



The zoo is overloaded! The population has exploded! And the animals want out—NOW!

What’s New at the Zoo? (from the hit Broadway show Do Re Mi) perfectly captures  the grumblings and rumblings of all the animals, and kids will delight in the hilarious lift-the-flap surprises of acclaimed illustrator Travis Foster’s spot-on comic creations. Includes an introduction by Tony-Award-winning actress, Phyllis Newman, who was married to Green until his death in 2002.

Editorial Review


Can't all the animals just get along? Lucky for readers, no!

An initial double-page spread shows dozens of disgruntled animals—walrus and crab and monkey and camel and others—crammed too close and uttering expletives. Then, bouncy lyrics of the title song by Comden and Green (from the musical Do Re Mi) take over, comprising the entirety of the text. It begins, " 'Ouch! You're stepping on my pouch!' to the bear said the kangaroo." Elsewhere in the zoo, the elephant and the gnu are getting into it, the seal is swallowing kippers (after flapping his flippers) and the goose steps on the neck of the giraffe. "Let us out! Let us out!" becomes the repeated chorus that is interspersed between the depicted mishaps (verses). The porcupine steps on the chops of the wolf as the swine steps on his quills. Do the animals eventually escape? Yes; in a riot...of hues. Foster's ingenious illustrations feature antic cartoonish animals in an explosion of color against a background of gray lines wildly depicting other animals, for a 3-D, retro effect. A handful of pages have flaps with surprises underneath, a special treat for very young readers. And the lyrics of the Tony-winning duo scan perfectly. Green's widow, Phyllis Newman (of Broadway and TV-game-show fame) adds an appealing introduction and afterword.

Fresh and vintage at the same time.

About The Author/Artist

Adolph Green and Betty Comden wrote lyrics for many of the most succesful songs in Broadway and Hollywood history. They were winnners of multiple Tony Awards, were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1980, and received a Kennedy Center Honor in 1981.

Phyllis Newman, a two-time Tony Award winning actress, and wife of the late Adolph Green, contributed the book's introduction and closing note.

Travis Foster studied at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, where he graduated with a degree in illustration. Travis's work has been seen on magazine covers, posters, greeting cards, book jackets, and in toy design. His clients include Target, Disney, Amazon, Sony and The Wall Street Journal. Travis lives in Nashville, TN with his wife and four children.


Jacketed hardcover with 3 gatefolds. Ages 4 and up.


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