What Color is Bear's Underwear?

by Todd H. Doodler

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The ever-popular Bear of Bear in Underwear returns in a fun new board-book format for the younger Bear fan. What’s Bear to do? There are seven days in a week, and Bear has seven different pair of underwear! Should he wear the red ones, the green, or the blue? How about the polka-dotted pair? Whatever pair Bear chooses, red, or blue or white, one thing is certain: wearing underwear is DYN-O-MITE!

Bear is the perfect pal for encouraging boys and girls to ditch their diapers and wear underwear. And with Bear’s help, they also learn to name colors and the days of the week.

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CJ Educations has teamed up with Blue Apple Books for the What Color is Bear's Underwear? app, which received the Parent's Choice Fun Award. Parent's Choice said the following:

"What Color is Bear's Underwear? is perfect for any child who happens to be learning his colors and days of the week while finishing potty training. Children search for bear's underwear in a handful of brightly illustrated, simple scenes. They choose the right color, which varies by day, and put the underwear on bear. Usually Bear wears them where they belong, though there are mishaps; Tuesday's blue pair lands on his head.

For young ones just becoming adjusted to 'big kid' underwear, Bear's search for the right pair of underwear makes for a giggle-worthy story time choice. An activity and coloring page reinforce the color-learning lesson."

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Editorial Review

Publishers Weekly:

To say that Bear loves his underwear would be an understatement. Each page of his third outing is marked with a tab, as Bear dons a different color of underwear each day. On Monday, Bear wears red briefs; after bathing on Tuesday, he wears his blue undies (on his head); and white ones are perfect for a Sunday picnic with friends. It’s about as an irreverently silly guide to colors as one could want. Ages 4–up. (Aug.)

About The Author/Artist

Todd H. Doodler (aka Todd Goldman) is a well-known “pop artist,” and in addition to writing and illustrating the best-selling Bear in Underwear books, he is the author/illustrator of The Zoo I Drew, Girls Are Weirdos But They Smell Pretty! and Boys Are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them! He is also in development with MTV for several shows. Goldman lives in California.


For ages 2-5.


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