What is Part This, Part That?

by Harriet Ziefert , illustrated by Tom Slaughter

What Is Part This Part That Cvr



What kind of song is part talk and part sing? Rap! And can you guess what's part buzz and - ouch! - part sting? Songlike rhyme inspires kids to think about the parts that make up the sum of various things, actions, and concepts. Tom Slaughter's pop-meets-elegant collage art and punch-bright pages invite kids to enter into this entertaining conversation about the parts, the sum, and the whole marvelous mix of things we see, have, and do. Ideal for inviting critical and creative thinking, and for group and one-on-one discussion, What is Part This, Part That? continues the Blue Apple tradition of books that are part eye-catching, part mind-captivating, and all for kids!

Editorial Review

School Library Journal

"Just like a bee is part buzz and part sting, a rap song is part talk and part sing.” This title is part picture book and part riddle. Ziefert keeps young readers and listeners thinking with provocative questions and statements, such as, “Is this glass part empty, or is it part full?” and “Steps in a staircase are part down and part up.” The final page, which is devoid of picture clues, quizzes readers with additional examples, such as, “What musical instrument is part cymbal, part drum?” Slaughter employs a stylized look with blocky, angular shapes and primary colors on matte paper. Various interactive elements are scattered throughout. Some pages have sturdy flaps that open up; others have a die-cut or small flap. The font is bold with some words having a stenciled appearance for emphasis. This concept book could be a good filler between storytime tales.–Blair Christolon, Prince William Public Library System, Manassas, VA

About The Author/Artist

In her vibrant and varied career, Harriet Ziefert has been part-author, part-packager, part-publisher, part-design visionary, and sole founder of Blue Apple Books.

Tom Slaughter added another glittering title to his illustrious slate of books with the ALA Notable title Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow? He lives in New York City, where he works in a white studio partly splattered with paint.


Ages: 4-8


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