Mighty Max!

All Max wants to do is fly . . . and climb . . . and be a hero. But when he tries to do something heroic, his mom and dad prefer him to sit still and be quiet. When will Max get his chance to shine? Mighty Max captures that phase when many little boys want to be big and strong like superheroes. Elliot Kreloff's crayon illustrations give a winning personality to Max and his imaginary world.


Coupons for Kids

Who can resist a gift of love? The chance to stay up late, a special dessert, a sleepover — there isn't a boy or girl who wouldn't want to receive a coupon for one of these special treats. Grown-ups will make forty memorable gifts available to the children in their lives when they easily remove the coupons from the book and address them to the recipients in the write-in space on the back of each coupon. Rebecca Doughty's warm and clever drawings highlight each gift of love.


Woof-Woof (Baby Flip-a-Face)

Designed for the newest of newborns, this unique interactive book features black-and-white illustrations that, with a flip of a page, change from one face to another. Babies will associate the “sound” words with the faces they see. Meow – cat; Woof! Woof! – dog.

Dictionary Of Dance 1

A Dictionary of Dance

Dance is not just an art, it's a whole different language! In A Dictionary of Dance, readers will learn about arabesques, break dancing, choreographers, and the zones of the body — everything that comes together to make a dance, whether it's ballet or the polka. Liz Murphy's dynamic and expressive artwork is sure to inspire readers of all ages to get up and dance!

What Colors Cvr Copy

What Colors?

DwellStudio — famous for its innovative, inspired, and distinctive home décor designs — makes a stunning Blue Apple Books debut with this accordion board book for baby. Using images from their best-selling children’s lines, Dwell invites babies to gaze at a giraffe, a rabbit, or a kangaroo. Babies will coo, and moms will delightfully display these one-of-a-kind books. Bringing up baby... with style!

Touch Feel Farm

Touch & Feel Farm

Famous for its innovative, inspired, and distinctive home-decor designs, DwellStudio adds a tactile element to its best-selling line of children's books with Touch and Feel Farm. Babies will delight in the varied textures of a barn wall, a tractor wheel, and a woolly sheep.

Doodles At Every Meal

Doodle at Every Meal! Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Three 36-placemat sets give step-by-step instructions on how to draw simple, humorous items and animals. BREAKFAST brings doodles that transform an egg into an emu. LUNCH is an alphabet soup of animal doodles. DINNER-time doodling shows how combinations of letters and numbers can become an enticing assortment of critters and buildings.

Who Said Moo

Who Said Moo?

This deceptively simple, excitingly illustrated board book is based on a telling theme — that every animal has its own distinct sound. The text is perfectly targeted to the youngest children, who will thoroughly enjoy lifting the flaps and imitating the animals' sounds. The sumptuously colorful illustrations are sure to catch the rapt attention of the smallest child.

Posey Plans Party Cvr Spot

Posey Plans a Party

Posey doesn't just love pink (and purple) and painting; she loves to throw a party! Will Posey serve pink or purple treats? Will the decorations be pink or purple? What will Posey wear, and whom will she invite? Hard decisions . . . but whatever Posey decides, there are sure to be plenty of P words—pizza, pasta, and piano performances—and the end result will be perfect!

Posey Prefers Pink Cvr Spot

Posey Prefers Pink

Meet Posey. She wears pink clothes, has a pink room, rides a pink bike, and prefers pink desserts. Everything in her pink world is just the way she likes it . . . but what if another color catches her eye? With adorable anime-like illustrations from Yukiko Kido, this book is sure to strike a chord with opinionated little girls and their parents.