Posey Paints Cvr Comp

Posey Paints a Princess

Posey is back and learning how to paint! In this charming story, the heroine of Posey Prefers Pink gets a lesson in painting from her mom. While mopping up spills and mixing colors, Posey learns how to turn a mistake into a work of art!

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Dogshark Readers: Red Set

Children love stories. That simple truth underlies this bold and fun reader program. Carefully designed to maximize childrens ability to decode words, each of the eight storybooks matches simple sentences to zany illustrations that reassure emerging readers that theyve successfully understood the text.
Based on the best of contemporary educational theory, combining a whole-language respect for the integrity of stories while building on proven principles of phonics-based literacy, DogShark Readers will have kids tearing into books.

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Dogshark Readers: Blue Set

Building on the foundation of the Dogshark Red Set, these seven new readers are a step more difficult, but they're based on the same Dogshark foundation: Children love good stories! Designed to encourage a child's ability to decode words, each book carefully matches text and illustration to maximize understanding.
Based on the best of contemporary educational theory, Dogshark Readers combine a whole-language respect for the integrity of stories with proven principles of phonics-based literacy. Illustrated by an award-winning film animator, Dogshark Readers will have kids tearing into books.

Round Like A Ball Cvr

Round Like A Ball!

Is it a meatball? A basketball? A pearl? As the round hole through the pages of this book grows larger, readers will come closer and closer to guessing the identity of the object that's round like a ball, hot and cold, every color, always moving, and home to us all. With a simple text and glorious collage artwork, Lisa Campbell Ernst offers a gentle tribute to our planet and a timely reminder that we all need to take care of it.


Balloon Toons: Baxter, The Tweeting Dog

The Twooferverse proves invaluable when Baxter's doggy pal goes missing. All the neighborhood pups provide Twitter-ish clues they find while going about their daily routines to help locate the missing mutt.

We're Opposites

You and Me: We're Opposites

In this lighthearted opposites book, the toucan wants to let the anteater know which one of them is up and which is down. The flamingo thinks that she's nice . . . and that the gorilla is grouchy. And the giraffe is peering over the fence to let the penguins know he's tall and they're short.

Opposites IconGet the Award-Winning App!

Be sure to check out the award-winning app of the book, developed by CJ Educations.

Parent's Choice says of the app:

"CJ Education's adaptation of Harriet Ziefert's text and Ethan Long's illustration is a cheerful playful lesson about opposites. Colorful zoo animals display fourteen pairs of opposites (clean/dirty, big small, fast/slow) as preschoolers swipe and tap their way from screen to screen. Opposite pairings are fun, and have personality traits that word lovers of all ages will appreciate.

Options offered are auto play and read to me. Bonuses include a song and a game that tasks children to match the opposite pairs."

Available HERE from Apple.

Buzzy Lotsand Lots Cvr

Buzzy & Friends: Lots And Lots

Buzzy and his friends are learning what it means to have one, some, many, or lots and lots. Buzzy has some oranges—but after he eats them, there are none. Buzzy has some flowers, and his friend has many flowers, but when they go to a field they find lots and lots of flowers! Emily Bolam's sweet and bright illustrations make this the perfect introduction to words used for groups of objects—an important first math experience.

Look, Babay

Flip-a-Face Cards: Look, Baby!

These twenty cards feature pictures of baby animals that will stimulate and entertain a baby's developing senses. Each image appears on two different cards: in black and white—the first kind of pattern that a baby can see—and in full color. These cards are the perfect tools for playing learning games with babies. Instructions included.


Flip-a-Face Cards: Same? Different?

The twenty mix-and-match cards in this set present faces drawn in SAMi's signature style. Games played with the cards will not only sharpen a baby's visual skills, but will also lead to imaginative play, talking together, and shared smiles. Tips for parents included.

Activity Animals 0899

Flip-a-Shape: Play!

What does a toddler love to do most? Play! In this newest addition to the award-winning Flip-a-Shape series, a robot turns into a jack-in-the-box with one flip of a page. Toddlers will love changing one thing into another as they learn to recognize circles, squares, ovals, triangles, and rectangles.