Big Little

Big Little

This original and inventive book focuses on parts of animals' faces, transforming big owl eyes to little chick eyes, pointy tiger teeth to nibbly mouse teethall with a flip of a die-cut page. These clever and changeable faces will delight both babies and grown-ups alike.


Lucy Rescued

When Lucy is adopted from the local animal shelter, her new family thinks that they have chosen a perfect pet. And she is, right up to the minute she starts to howl, and howl, and howl some more. Treats, tricks, a soft red bed, lullabies, and even doggy therapy cannot stop her "Wah-ooo-ooo-roo!" It is the little girl who figures out that Lucy needs a comfy friend (her own stuffed animal) and Lucy who figures out that she needs as many as she can get her paws on. And then, all is well.


Where is Milo's Ball?

When Milo the cat loses his favorite ball of yarn, Mouse offers to help him find it. But Mouse does not seem to understand that a ball is round like a circle—or maybe he is just not letting on? On the right side of the page, a pull-tab shows a fellow mouse busily pulling one end of the ball's yarn into his mouse hole, and gradually wrapping it up into a ball/circle. But in between then, Mouse proudly proclaims his discovery of a series of non-circle shaped items that he wraps with the other end of the yarn—a triangular slice of pizza, a square piece of cheese, a rectangular candy bar, an oval egg, etc. Just as Milo fears that his ball/circle is forever lost, the sneaky mouse rolls it out for him to discover.


Bear's Underwear Mystery: A Count-and-Find-It-Adventure

A mysterious message arrives for Bear, inviting him on a scavenger hunt for—what else?—underwear! Bear must find all 10 pairs in order to make his way to the Fun-to-Wear, a party about underwear. A rhyming text, cartoon-style illustrations, and side tabs add further fun for younger kids.


Big Brave Daddy

According to Charlie, his dad can do anything! How brave is Charlie's dad? He can ski down a mountain. And Charlie is brave in his own, kid-sized way—he can sled down a hill! Both Charlie and his father are daring: Charlie's dad can climb a mountain, and Charlie can climb the slide.

Giant Dino

Dinosaurs: A Giant Fold-Out Book

Uses the same signature format and style as the series' previous titles. The question "Who am I?" and a linked written clue invites kids to lift the first portion of the folded page to reveal another clue and more of the animal, and then a final fold-out shows the whole dino. The featured dinosaurs are: quetzalcoatlus, diplodocus, stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, ankylosaurus, triceratops.

Original Art


Boat Works: A Giant Fold-Out Book

With a ship-shape format perfect for exploring boats that float, sail, tug, house, and transport, this latest addition to the acclaimed Giant Fold-Out Book series offers an engaging, hands-on guessing game. Kids can read simple clues, unfold pages and—ta da!—who knew there was an entire ocean liner hidden under there? After kids gain a grasp of the characteristics and functions of six kinds of boats, a rock-the-harbor fold-out offers a rewarding finale.

Pass It

Pass It On!

Bee's friend Cow is stuck in a fence and asks for his help. Bee cannot help Cow by himself, so he decides to get the word out to as many farmyard friends as possible. But when he tells Frog about Cow's predicament and asks him to "Pass it on!", the message that gets passed to Pig is: "Cow put duck in a tent!" From there, the message morphs into the tent falling on a woodchuck, Cow having good luck, a penny, some money, some honey, etc. In the end, understanding dawns, Cow is dis-lodged, and he and Bee thank their friends with fresh milk and honey.

Flip A Colors 1

Colors (flip-a-face)

SAMi's work is graphically bold--and very mysterious! He collects Japanese toys, and his artwork reflects their influence.


Mole Had Everything

Mole is happy and fulfilled by his simple life and limited possessions ("one bed, one pillow, one shelf for books, one cup for tea") till a friend "who has everything" persuades him that he doesn't have nearly enough. And so he sets out on a journey of acquisition, tunneling under and popping up in swamps and forests, in caves, junkyards, and underwater, and always managing to find another thing that he absolutely must have. Once he has everything, it must be transported back and stuffed into his small home. Having so much to attend to, and dust, and fix and, fidget with leaves no time to do the things he really likes, so Mole decides that maybe he already had everything he wanted, and not a thing more than he needed. After a grand giveaway, Mole pares his life down to just those things that make him happy and fulfilled.