Rhyming couplets feature Professor Poopdeck and two young friends as he takes them on a type of poop safari. Words for poop (e.g., guano, number two, ca-ca), its forms and styles (cubes, tubular, wet and dry), and myriad of uses (souvenirs, a means of tracking and marking, housing insulation, food, fertilizer, fuel, etc.) are all conveyed with humor and a certain demand for respect. It's a book that says: Don't just flush this stuff away! While it may dismay and stink, there's more to this stuff than you might think!

How Things Work

How Things Work in the House

In How Things Work in the House, Lisa Campbell Ernst delves into how common household objects—such as soap, scissors and house keys—work. The detailed but easy-to-understand language describes the functioning of everyday items, and Ernst's meticulous and cleverly labeled pictures are fascinating. How Things Work in the House is a marvelous companion to the much-praised How Things Work Around the Yard. It also stands on its own as kid-compelling non-fiction.

Count With Milo

Countdown with Milo

Milo the cat and his friend Mouse are getting ready and counting down to their launch into space. Inside the rocket, Milo puts on his space helmet (10!), then mouse presses buttons and turns on the power (9!), Milo buckles his seat belt (8!), and on until 1!, when with a zoom and a roar they BLAST OFF! The following spread details their 10-part trip itinerary, which ends with a moon landing.

Honeybear Blue

Honey Bear's Blue Bathing Suit

Honey Bear is having a summertime birthday party at the beach. After her friends pick out the perfect birthday present—a blue swimsuit and beach-y accessories—they head to the shore for volleyball, a scavenger hunt, and, of course, birthday cake! Young readers will enjoy best-selling author/illustrator Todd Goldman's signature style and popular characters, this time in a summer setting. Honey Bear's Blue Bathing Suit is a perfect addition to Bear in Underwear, Bear in Pink Underwear, and Bear in Long Underwear.

Draw&Learn Places

My First Activity Books: Draw + Learn: Places

Colorful pages include white space for kids to fill in what's missing, or just to add color to certain elements. 

In Places, houses, rooms, and animal habitats are featured. Some pages show places that are partially completed (such as a kid's bedroom) and left for the child to fill in, and in others, light direction is given to help the child make his or her own creation. The sequence of activities moves from home (inside and out) to neighborhood places, and then further afield—a house for a bird, a rabbit, a horse, a car, a fire engine, etc. Throughout, artistic license rules!


Scribbles and Ink

Two artists, two styles, and one book that may not be big enough for the both of them. See, Ink (the mouse) likes things to be clean and precise. Scribbles (the cat) is the opposite. But while there should be plenty of room for each of them to make their art without getting in each other's way, or on each other's nerves, THEY CAN'T MANAGE THAT! And from there paint splatters, ink goops, pencils get broken, and brushes go wild's not a work of art, IT'S A MESS! Discovering that they are no longer having any fun, the duo tentatively tries to collaborate instead of clobber, and, thus, a disasterpiece becomes a masterpiece. 

Download your free Scribbles and Ink Sketchbook here!

Original Art

Bear Do U Wear Underwear 1

Bear, Do You Wear Underwear?

It's purple boxers for Turtle; Cougar likes his with stripes; and for Hedgie only pink will do. There's only one underwear-eschewing holdout—and he's all wet!

Bear's back with more underwear-inspired silliness in an engaging board book that's a perfect fit for younger kids. And what's a perfect fit for Bear? His dy-no-mite-y tight-whiteies!

Do You Wear... encourages kids transitioning from diapers and pull-ups to big-kid underpants to join Bear and his goofy gang of underwear enthusiasts. Kids will answer "yes!" to this nutty charmer.

List O Mania


A write-it-yourself book of lists! What kid wouldn't be interested in a book that's all about everything they like, wish for, think about, dream, fear, aspire to, etc.? Includes a cardstock cover and an attached elastic band for keeping the book closed (and private) and holding interior pages open for writing. Inside the pages are illustrations, fun topic-related trivia, and more than four dozen kid-accessible topics—favorite food, sports, music, books, vacations, thoughts about school, friends, family, and the near and farther-away future.

Mp Cnumbers

Matching Puzzle Cards: Numbers

Here's the concept: two matching puzzle cards will each show, say, one object to make a match. For the next two matching puzzle cards, one will show one object and the corresponding card will show two objects (similar backgrounds and such will also help the child connect these cards). The next two matching puzzle cards will each have two objects. The pattern continues up to ten. This way the child not only grasps how many the number is, but also what numbers come before and after that number.

Mp Cards Animals Box

Matching Puzzle Cards: Animals

The animal card set offers more than simple identification. Matching pairs of cards show animals in both photographs and drawings. Kids must learn to recognize the animals' features in both formats and put them together. Animals featured include horse, cow, sheep, goat, pig, fish, and chick.