Prickles And The Dust Bunnies Web

Balloon Toons: Prickles vs. the Dust Bunnies

With simple text and cartoon artwork, Balloon Toons are the the perfect way to engage and encourage new readers. Award-winning and up-and-coming cartoonists lend their inimitable and illustrative talents to entertaining stories kids will enjoy again and again.

In this charming tale, Daniel Cleary introduces Prickles the cat, who likes to keep the house squeaky-clean, and Squeeky the mouse, who has befriended a cluster of unwelcome dust bunnies. When Prickles threatens to throw the dust bunnies out, Squeeky saves the day with a wacky plan to disguise his friends.


Bear in Pink Underwear

The star of Bear in Underwear is back in another zany adventure, this time on the soccer field. Bear's lucky white boxers turn PINK in a laundry mishap, his teammates are embarrassed, and members of the other team tease him. Will Bear still wear his lucky underwear? Kids will love Goldman's bold illustrations, comic sensibility, and the return of their favorite bear!

What New Zoo

What’s New at the Zoo?

The zoo is overloaded! The population has exploded! And the animals want out—NOW!

What’s New at the Zoo? (from the hit Broadway show Do Re Mi) perfectly captures  the grumblings and rumblings of all the animals, and kids will delight in the hilarious lift-the-flap surprises of acclaimed illustrator Travis Foster’s spot-on comic creations. Includes an introduction by Tony-Award-winning actress, Phyllis Newman, who was married to Green until his death in 2002.

Turkey Diary

Diary of a Pet Turkey

Based on a true story, this is a delightful tale of a suburban family and their pet turkey. Joanne Ingis takes readers on an unbelievable journey, from the hatching of the egg, to the naming of the turkey, to its incorporation into the family’s daily life. Young readers will love the story of a turkey being cared for, rather than eaten at a holiday dinner. A perfect Thanksgiving gift that is sure to appeal throughout the year.


Grandma is an Author

Rusty’s Grandma Margo is a writer. She and Rusty even write stories together. But when Rusty discovers that Margo sometimes suffers from writer’s block, he worries. What can he do to help her? This unique story tackles an issue that not only affects grown-ups. Kids, too, suffer from writer’s block and are often overwhelmed in their attempts to express themselves.

Simms Taback Farm Animals

Simms Taback’s Farm Animals

Turn the page for your first clue: “I have curly hair.” Open the flap and you’ll see another clue: “I say ‘Baa.’” Open one more and you’ll see the answer to the riddle: “I’m a lamb.” This is a fun, interactive book featuring five barnyard favorites (rooster, goat, cow, sheep, and donkey) in Taback’s signature bold and bright style.

Cartoon Dude

Draw with the Cartoon Dude

Dave Miller, aka the Cartoon Dude, invites aspiring artists to draw just about everything: from basic shapes to skate boarders, fairy princesses to sea turtles, stegosauruses to robot sharks. With over 250 pages, Miller gives easy, step-by-step instructions and tips for beginning, intermediate, and even advanced artists. On your mark; Get set; Draw!

Doodlesat Breakfast Cvr

Doodles at Breakfast

Doodle dynamo Deborah Zemke presents 36 new placemats, featuring doodles for breakfast diners young and old. Zemke has taught many readers—and eaters—how to make fun, easy, and personality-filled doodles from letters and numbers, and both her Doodles at Dinner and Doodles at Lunch placemats are hits!

Bound together as a pad—so there's always another placemat ready—this set makes the perfect gift and will liven up mealtime at home, in restaurants, at birthday parties, or anywhere!


Playtime Party Picnic

DwellStudio adds a stunning and sturdy picnic playset to its best-selling line of products.

Have a picnic anytime or anywhere with this playful activity set. Kids can pretend they're picnicking at the park, at the beach, or while camping in the mountains. Beautifully packaged in a carry case for take-along adventures and hours of creative, imaginative fun!


Good Morning, Toucan

DwellStudio's newest additions to its line of modern books for modern babies are perfect for putting little ones to sleep and welcoming a brand new day. In Good Morning, Toucan, flaps reveal rainforest creatures rising with the sun. Good Morning, Toucan is a charming companion to Goodnight, Owl.