What's New Cvr

What's New? What's Missing? What's Different?

Can you find it?

From Sesame Street’s classic “one of these things is not like the other” to the Second Look page in People magazine, spotting-the-differences is fun and absorbing at every age.

What’s New? What’s Missing? What’s Different? offers kids hundreds of “Aha!” moments with illustrations that range from relatively simple to satisfyingly complex. In addition to discerning differences, the activities also provide fun ways to sharpen brainpower and important learning skills through coloring and drawing.
A little bit I Spy, a little bit of seek-and-find, and a dash of doodling all add up to a book that’s a great value, packed with 96 pages of engaging entertainment.
Maybe it’s the inherent hunting instinct in us.

Maybe it’s the aspiring detective. Whatever it is that excites this urge, we all seem to love to figure out What’s New? What’s Missing? What’s Different?

Inside Outside Cvr Final

Inside, Outside, Upside down

Fun from every angle, beginning to end!
While touchscreens and apps are here to stay, so is the magical alchemy of what happens when a child touches pencil to paper. With nearly a hundred brain-entertaining activities to tackle, this drawing book offers compelling challenges à la Sudoko and I Spy—and will not be “used up” quickly.
It’s portable, no-batteries-required entertainment that’s perfect for those times when kids need something quiet and absorbing.
By focusing on key concepts like long/short, inside/outside, empty/full and upside down, each drawing assignment (“Draw the necklace around the rabbit’s neck”) helps kids figure out these important language elements. Identifying differences, word meanings, and looking at things from a variety of perspectives are likewise incorporated into silly-meets-smart drawings of wacky rabbits, zany bears, and daffy ducks.
It’s Inside, Outside, Upside Down and ready to go any and everywhere!

Monster Be Good Cvr Lores

Monster Needs One More!

More is better!
Natalie Marshall’s goofy monsters made their debut in a book about monsters and manners—Monster Be Good! This time, it’s monsters and math, as every monster-member of this funny, grumpy, not-too-scary gang counts jelly beans, teddy bears, apples, donuts, toys, and even kisses.
What do they all have in common? They all want ONE MORE!
As each monster gets his wish, kids can chime in with the new number that ONE MORE adds up to.
When the next-to-last monster gets TEN goodnight kisses, ONE mom-ster hug is just enough to cap off this tale of merry monster-math!
Entertaining as it educates, Monster Needs One More! offers a perfect primer for introducing
preschoolers to counting and addition. Who could ask for more?

Mr Ball Makes A To Do List Cover

Mr. Ball Makes a To-Do List - A Jump Into Chapters Book

Will his to-do list be too hard to do?

Mr. Ball loves to make to-do lists! But he NEVER finishes them. Will the easiest to-do list ever help him break his unfortunate history of didn’t-do failures? Angry bees, a funky skunk, and a bathtub full of tomato sauce provide challenging obstacles as Mr. Ball tries to finally check EVERYTHING off his list! Featuring a kid-perfect brand of silliness, real-kid concerns and feelings are reflected in a story that offers a simple text, endearing characters, and the right amount of action.

Character-based and comics-style, Mr. Ball Makes a To-Do List is Mr. Townsend’s debut adventure
in the new JUMP-INTO CHAPTERS! series created to inspire independent reading and offer plenty of nutty fun. The well-rounded Mr. Ball bounces in to entertain and strengthen the skills of emerging readers. Look for Mr. Ball Is Sad, a hilarious new Ball-escapade rolling onto shelves in Fall 2014.

Okay Andy Cover

Okay, Andy! - A Jump Into Chapters Book

Behold and welcome to Andy and preston’s very first adventure!

Andy is Preston’s best friend. Preston is sure of this. Is Preston Andy’s best friend? Hmm...that is much harder to tell. Is Andy okay? Preston always thinks Andy is super-okay! Does Andy think Preston is okay? Maybe... but he will NEVER admit it!

One thing for sure, they spend a lot of time not catching rabbits, falling over cliffs, and trying to decide the difference between an owl and a bear. And that’s just in the first book! Okay, Andy is this series’ debut title in Blue Apple’s JUMP-INTO-CHAPTERS! series. For kids who want to tackle a “big kid” book, but aren’t quite ready for text-heavy reading, JUMP-INTO-CHAPTERS! offers a perfect bridge—and a pair of buddies they’ll want to follow. Sharply funny and engaging, Andy and Preston offer emerging independent readers a lot of story, told in an easy-to-read style, and without too many words.

What’s next? In Fall 2014, the pals star in Andy, Also—in which Preston sort of pays homage to Andy.

Sand I Box Cvr

Scribbles and Ink: Out of the Box - A Jump Into Chapters Book

Drawn together again for more artistic shenanigans— and cheese!

The artistic duo returns in a tale about a box. Just a box? Well, it’s brown and square and looks just like a box. That is, until Scribbles and Ink get ahold of it. Then it’s....
• a rocket ship
• a monster-head
• a skyscraper
• a pair of pants!
The problem is, there’s just one box—and Scribbles and Ink both want it! Which of the battling buddies will out-box the other? Or will their friendship rip apart like so much corrugated cardboard?
Inspiring both artistic creativity and independent reading, Out of the Box is the second Scribbles and Ink book in the JUMP-INTO-CHAPTERS! series. The longer story with a simple text, vivid characters, and lots of action is ideal for kids who are ready for more than a picture book.

Hey Baby Cvr Comp

Hey, Baby, It's Time To Come Out!

In this delightful story about the anticipation of a new arrival, Max does everything he can think of to encourage his new sibling to be born. Max is convinced that this baby will never arrive ... until the day finally comes when Daddy takes Mommy to the hospital. Soon-to-be older siblings will be delighted by Max's efforts.

Beaver Cvr 05 14 13website

Think About: Does a Beaver Sleep in a Bed?

This book explores the places where animals sleep and how they differ from the many types of human beds.

Bb Birthday Fcvr Lr Rgb

The Banana Bunch and The Birthday Party

No capes or superpowers, nothing supernatural - just all the everyday-wonderful, so called ordinary stuff of growing up. This is what kids will find in the adventures of six kids and one dog, who are the Banana Bunch.

First up, the bunch is arguing over changes to their clubhouse. But they all agree on one thing: throwing a Birthday Party for Scruffy, their favorite poochy-pal, is a great idea! All the familiar fun and foibles of party planning are given a Banana Bunch spin as they get together presents, treats, and a baseball game.

Next, there are picnics, games of SPUD and hide-and-go-seek, and a race to catch up with the ice cream truck! But when the bunch fattening up - presto! - it's time for The Magic Show. they gather props, practice card and coin tricks, and perfect their mind-reading skills. But can they really make Scruffy vanish into thin air?

Common Core Correlation

  • Characters' response to challenges
  • Differences in characters' POV
  • Characters' actions contributing to sequence of events
  • Chapter breaks describing story progression

(Grades 2-3 Literature)

Does A Bear Wear Boots

Think About: Does a Bear Wear Boots?

How people protect themselves from the elements, as well as the functions of human clothing, are explored in this Think About title.