100 Ways Good Grandma Cvr Lr

101 Ways To Be a Good Granny

This book presents a list of all the ways grandmas can be amazing, using directive verbs that are sure to elicit giggles from readers young and old. Examples include "be a chauffeur," "make macaroni and cheese from scratch," "go for manicures," and "dig for clams." There are so many kinds of good grandmas, and this book captures them all!

You Cant Take Your Body Cvr Rgb

You Can't Take Your Body to a Car Mechanic

Feeling icky? Put away that wrench!

Can a hammer fix a cold? 

Can a screwdriver drive away an itchy spot?

What's the difference between a virus and an allergy or a pimple and a wart?

Dr. Fred Ehrlich explains all about ills, chills, what makes us snivel and feel sore; and how doctors, treatments, and processes inside us can handle our bodies' ick-ness and sickness.

But, you CAN'T find any of these fixer-uppers... in a toolbox!

Peter Panda Pgs Hi Res 1

Peter Panda Melts Down!

Every kid has them, and every parent, or kid-caretaker, has had to deal with them - those meltdown-tantrum-pitching-a-fit moments! Peter Panda has them - when it's time to leave the playground, when some other child has the book he wants, when Mama insists he eat some broccoli. When this happens: Uh-oh. Here it comes. Here comes that frown. Peter Panda melts dowwwnnn! Presented with humor and understanding, Artie Bennett's bright and sprightly story offers a way for children to recognize their own behaviors. Parents and kids can talk about what they see on the pages and gain some insight on how to handle such incidents - including when Mama Panda has a little meltdown of her own!

Bab You Cant Ride Bicycle Moon Cvr Lr

You Can't Ride A Bicycle To The Moon!

In You Can't Ride a Bicycle to the Moon, kids will explore the science of the moon, the space race, the craft of spacecraft, living in space, tourists in space, and a lot more!

Information with just the right level of complexity pairs with engaging rhymes to make for a uniquely kid-appealing approach to nonfiction.

What should I eat in space today?

Something that won't float away!

Food that sticks onto a spoon

Is best when dining on the moon.

Learn all about the pioneering dog-stronauts and how technology created for space affects our life on earth. Each section tops off with activities and kick-starting questions that expand a child's understanding of the subject matter and how it applies to the wider world and his or her daily life. Make it personal, make it fun, and science will captivate young readers.

From Space walks, to space garbage, to how to make a peanut butter sandwich in space, kids will want to read the You Can't… books because they are all about THEM.

Science textbooks won't make kids laugh, but with titles like You Can't Ride a Bicycle to the Moon, this acclaimed science-as-entertainment series will!

Camel Cvr 04 26 13

Think About: Does a Camel Cook Spaghetti?

How animals and humans get food and feed themselves is explored in this Think About title.

Ycs Taste Pickle Ear Cvr Comp

You Can't Taste A Pickle With Your Ear!

Why can't you hear a siren with your eyes? Spot an airplane with your hands? And how come a pickle on your ear isn't delicious?

In You Can't Take a Pickle with Your Ear kids discover how each of their five senses is hard at work all day long, providing them with information and helping them get the most out of their daily lives.

Whenever you think, "I'm oh-so-sweet,"

Pull off your socks and smell your feet!

Sections such as "Hold Your Nose" and "Stick Out Your Tongue" (not the same time!) encourage hands-on investigations of what's happening inside kids' bodies and why a tongue is best for pickle tasting.

Eric Fcover

Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity

We've all seen kids who kick and scream and lose their cool. But when Eric loses his temper over his annoying little sister Alice, he floats up to the ceiling! And so we have a fresh and funny twist on temper tantrums created by star-on-the-rise Jenni Desmond.

Eric, The Boy Who Lost His Gravity, with an amusing story and expressive painterly art, captures a spot-on understanding of how children feel when they get out of control and how they need help to pull themselves together - or, as in Eric's case, back to the ground. There will always be annoying brothers and sisters and things one wants, but can't have. This book gives children and parents an entertaining way to gain perspective and talk about these issues. For all of them, Eric offers a wise, witty, and uplifting tale that kids won't want to put down!

Burps Cvr Lr Rgb

Belches, Burps and Farts - Oh My!

He's beheld the butt and offered on the scoop on poop. Now Artie Bennett takes young readers on a discovery of those little (and not so little) puffs that exit from our mouths and duffs-the burp, the belch, and the fart!

With Bennett's signature combination of real science and zany rhyme, kids will learn the how, why, and where of gas-tastic eruptions made by people and animals, such as:

  • why we can't burp while on our backs
  • which animals can't "cut the cheese"
  • how fish communicate via burp bubbles
  • why soda and burps go together
  • who farts more - boys or girls

Capped off with a spread on "Fart-tastic Facts & Burp-tacular Bits," this amazing, amusing mix of humor and nonfiction is an ideal draw for reluctant readers, classroom units on body science - and kids who just think burps and farts are funny!

Given visual gas-pression via Pranas T. Naujokaitis's exuberant cartoon-style illustrations, look for this to be a hit with both kids and educators.

For as Mr. Bennett puts it:

Cows and pigs, crude or classy,

Kids, grown-ups, we're all...



By the Light of the Harvest Moon

As the harvest moon shines down, the wind picks up, sending orange, yellow, and crimson leaves dancing, until they settle in a pumpkin patch. One-by-one, leaf people emerge to celebrate the autumnal equinox.

Mark Jones's rich pastel illustrations bring to life the mysterious and fleeting world of a gentle troupe of leaf characters, who will warm the hearts of all readers.