Touch & Feel Zoo

Touch & Feel Zoo, DwellStudio's chic companion to the best-selling Touch & Feel Farm and Touch & Feel Town, is the newest addition to the DwellStudio line of modern books for modern babies.

Kids will talk to the animals as they take a trip to the zoo, touching and feeling a bear, lizard, elephant, zebra, seal, and penguin.


Let's Draw and Doodle Together

Inside this clever and innovative activity book, each spread becomes a shared creative adventure. Draw airplanes or cars, birds or shapes, even each other! Great for long car or plane rides, rainy afternoons, or sharing with grandparents. An expandable inner pocket is included for treasured drawings. A perfect keepsake!


Monster Comics

Drawing monsters is fiendishly fun in Mike Herrod's newest addition to his bestselling Comics to Go! series. The "invisible ink" pen and light reveal both the hidden images printed within the pages and the drawings and doodles kids create themselves. Fans of monsters can complete the comics or make up their own stories and will delight in the ghosts, goblins, witches, and vampires that fill the pages of this creepy collection.


Stop Bugging Me: That's What Friends Are For (A Smudge Book)

Smudge the dog is busy. He has a secret errand to run, and it isn't anybody's business. But not one of his friends--not Piggie, nor Fuzzie, nor Scribbles, nor Foggie--listens to his pleas. This charming and disarming story, about a curmudgeon who is loved--in spite of himself--by his faithful flock of friends, will win over readers of all ages.


Hanukkah Puzzles

Award-winning children's book illustrator Karla Gudeon has created a perfect gift for the Jewish holiday featuring artwork from Hanukkah Haiku, a National Jewish Book Award finalist. Children of all ages will delight in solving each side of this two-sided puzzle. Beautifully packaged in a Star-of-David-shaped box, this is a must-have Hanukkah gift for family and friends.

Bear In Love Cover1

Bear in Love

Just one look was all it took for Bear to fall in love with Bunny. But how should Bear show this love? With candy? Or song and dance?

With delightful illustrations by award-winning artist Sophie Fatus, warm and witty words perfectly express how love casts its spell on man and beast!


Extraordinary Pets

A dog, a cat, a bird, a fish...
great pets to have. But if you had your wish...
why not choose one out of the ordinary?
Why not a pet who's EXTRAordinary?

Acclaimed artist Barroux makes his Blue Apple Books debut with a book about an amazing array of animals. Cats are cuddly, but elephants? Exceptional! A Chihuahua is cute, but tarantulas? Terrific! Flaps cleverly transform everyday animals into exotic, one-of-a-kind, perfect pets.

Dwell Eat Cvr


Appetizing apples, bananas, and oranges fill the sturdy pages of Eat, whetting the appetite of young readers everywhere.


Touch & Feel Town

With Touch & Feel Town, babies take a trip through town, touching a taxi, a traffic light, a sidewalk, a tree, and a building.


Butterfly Birthday

Butterfly Birthday completes a quartet of books—Snow Party, Mermaid Dance and By the Light of the Harvest Moon—that celebrates the many and miraculous wonders of the changing seasons. On the first day of spring, bugs—dressed in their finest attire—greet one another after the long, cold winter and hold a spectacular party to welcome the vernal equinox. Mark Jones' beautiful and bewitching pastel illustrations bring this magical world to life.