Big, Bigger Biggest

Big, Bigger Biggest

by SAMi

Big Bigger Biggest Cover
Editions:Unjacketed Hardcover: $ 16.99
ISBN: 9781609055998
Size: 8.00 x 10.00 in
Pages: 32

What is short?
What is shorter?
What is the shortest?


Big, bold illustrations introduce young readers to adjectives like big, bigger, and biggest; far, farther, and farthest; high, higher, and highest. The brightly colored fold-out illustrations make each concept easy to understand. By unfolding the page, you can see a tall building get even taller, then become the tallest one in the whole city!

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About the Author

SAMi is a mysterious artist/world traveler whose current sources of inspiration include Fire Island and an adorable dog named for a b... [ Read More ]