Does a Panda Go To School?

Does a Panda Go To School?

Think About How Everyone Learns

by Harriet Ziefert

This title in the Think About... series explores and explains that while animals can do and learn some things, only people can fully participate in all the things that happen at school. A funny, kid-like question ("Does an armadillo go to school?") is shown with a silly scenario (armadillo seated in a story circle), and a few thoughts and facts about that animal's non-school-oriented habits (e.g., an armadillo can't sit and listen to a story). A panda and ostrich are also featured. Then we see what a chimp could (painting, snack time, monkey bars!) and could not do (read, sing, say words) at school. A final "think about" spread presents kids, parents, and teachers with activities that relate to and extend each book's subject matter.

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