I Say Yes! I Say No! (¡Yo Digo Que Si! ¡Yo Digo Que No!)

I Say Yes! I Say No! (¡Yo Digo Que Si! ¡Yo Digo Que No!)

by Harriet Ziefert

The bilingual books in the ¡Hola, English! series help teachers and parents guide young children into the “backand-forth” of a conversation. I Say Yes! I Say No! is told entirely in simple dialogue between parents and children. It features familiar nighttime and bedtime rituals.

Los libros bilingües en la serie ¡Hola, English! ayudan a padres y educadores que guíen a los niños en una dinámica “adelante y atrás” en conversación en un idioma nuevo. I Say Yes! I Say No! se cuenta en un dialogo simple entre padres e hijos, contando con rituales familiares hechos en la noche y antes de acostarse.


About the Author

Harriet Ziefert has partnered with a dazzling variety of illustrators to create smart and visually striking learning-while-playing books for kids. She has a master's degree in teaching and has created acclaimed early reading programs for a variety of publishers.