Does an Owl Wear Eyeglasses?

Does an Owl Wear Eyeglasses?

Think About How Everyone Sees

by Harriet Ziefert

Does an Owl Wear Eyeglasses? explores the eyes and sight-abilities of various animals--and why most don't need or won't ever wear glasses. A funny, kid-like question ("Does a fish wear sunglasses?") is shown with a silly scenario (a fish in shades), and a few thoughts and facts about why that animal isn't compatible with optic-wear, and how their lives are affected by the advantages and limitations of their natural sight. This leads into an exploration of how humans are able to improve their natural sight (and see things well beyond what 20/20 vision offers) and how people with vision limitations handle their daily lives. A final spread offers activities that further extend a child's grasp of the featured topic.

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