Scribbles and Ink: The Contest

Scribbles and Ink: The Contest

by Ethan Long

Will a prehistoric chicken win the prize?

They’re drawn back together again for more artistic shenanigans! This time, Scribbles the cat and his buddy, Ink, decide to enter a “Draw a Dinosaur” contest. The prize? Two tickets to Mudsplash Mountain—“The Muddiest Place on Earth!” But as in art and life, nothing goes as planned. Will a chick-a-saurus, a big egg, and a bigger surprise dash their dreams?

The Contest offers four short chapters that keep this 72-page story within reach of emerging independent readers—kids who want to move beyond picture books but are not ready for text-heavy chapter books. For kids with an artistic inclination, the book portrays the pleasures and pitfalls of creative collaboration. For all kids, there are plenty of surprises, silliness, and the discovery that one-plus-one is twice as fun!

About Jump-into-Chapters: These books are designed to fill an important gap in reading materials. It’s important to have books that challenge the new reader to remember what happened more than 80 pages after he/she began. Best of all, each of the books features fresh-and-funny, character-driven stories. Kids will feel like they’ve made some great new friends who reflect their lives and feelings, book after book.


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About the Author

Ethan Long is an internationally recognized children’s book author and illustrator with over 85 titles to his credit including the ... [ Read More ]