It’s Me, Clover!

It’s Me, Clover!

Come along with Clover on her first day of school!

Kids will make a great new friend on the page when they meet the sunny-funny, no-holds-barred Clover in her school-centered adventures. Clover navigates story time, art class, lunch, and her beloved recess with a perspective all her own! With a strongly appealing character at its center, kids will be excited to see what Clover’s up to next.

About Jump-into-Chapters: These books are designed to fill an important gap in reading materials. It’s important to have books that challenge the new reader to remember what happened more than 80 pages after he/she began. Best of all, each of the books features fresh-and-funny, character-driven stories. Kids will feel like they’ve made some great new friends who reflect their lives and feelings, book after book.


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